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The Ostrich Group

The Ostrich Group is the unique one-stop-shop for many of the things we put our heads in the sand over; created by Laurence Kelly after his own experience in trying to find the right care for a family member, Ostrich is dedicated to helping users find the best in care services for themselves and their families. Taking care of life is our motto and everything we do revolves around this.

We started as, grew up as Ostrich Care and we are now The Ostrich Group. Along the way we have evolved to provide a wider range of information and services in all areas of life. Our goal remains the same: to bring people who look for care and care-related information the best help in property, legal matters, insurance, finance, but also leisure. And we don't forget the carers, to whom we offer discounts, among other things.

Our website is entirely free to users and provides easy access to all the information you need in order to make informed decisions in situations that present demanding and difficult choices for people across the country every day. The Ostrich Group approach is designed to enable you to find the care that is right for you and your family and that helps you to make the most of your resources. To make your browsing experience and your overall search for care easier, we have divided our services into clear, defined sections according to their domain of expertise.

Ostrich Care

Ostrich Care is where it all begins. At some point in our lives we all need care, but we've all heard the nightmarish stories about choosing care homes and nursing homes. That's why we give you access to CQC reports so you can see what the Care Quality Commission says about a care home or care at home service. It's also hard to find the one gem of a care home which only has a dozen rooms available and no Internet presence. So what we do is simple: we list every care home, nursing home and care at home provider in the UK, for free, and we offer them the possibility to enhance their listing to tell us more about their facilities and the type of care they provide. Do they do outings, accept pets, speak foreign languages, offer vegetarian meals or allow you to bring your own furniture? Do they know how to deal with patients with dementia or a physical disability? Do they offer physiotherapy or know how to deal with behavioural issues? You can learn all this and a lot more through our enhanced listings. Unlike many care search sites, Ostrich is completely independent. We have no arrangements with any care group or individual care service, we do not receive fees or commission for care placements and we never charge any CQC-registered care provider to be part of our listings.

Ostrich Money

Ostrich Money is where you can get expert financial advice. Funding care is one tricky thing and we are deeply aware of it, which is why we have teamed up with finance experts to answer all your questions about money. Annuity, equity release, government funding, pensions or even mortgages, if you want help to deal with your finances or someone else's through a Power of Attorney, with Ostrich Money's advisors you're in good hands.

Ostrich Law

Legal issues can prove even trickier than financial ones, and that's why we've created Ostrich Law. Writing a will is something we all have to do at some point in our lives, to sort out our estate and ease the burden on our families. If you can't deal with your estate anymore you will need solicitors to help with a power of attorney (so you can appoint someone to deal with your estate on your behalf). Whether you need care or not, you may need legal help. From estate administration and probate to personal injury, if you need legal services we are here for you.

Ostrich Insurance

Ostrich Insurance offers you routes to life cover and insurance, no matter your age or medical condition. Why couldn't you be get a travel insurance if you have diabetes, a cancer or dementia? If you want to travel or simply to go on with your life when you have a medical condition or simply when you're "old", we'll help you find the best insurance for your needs, at a reasonable cost. Being 90 isn't a reason not to find a life cover! We will help you find insurance premiums for yourself when you travel or just a plain life insurance, but we also help you insure the amazing carers who help you out (if you employ someone then you need to insure them), your beloved pets, and also your home, your belongings, your car or your mobility scooter. If you need an insurance, we'll help.

Ostrich Property

Home is where the heart is, as people say. But it's also the house you grew in, or the one you will grow older in. Ostrich Property is there to help you buy a new house if for any reason you need to downsize or up-size, whether it is for retirement purposes or not. The Ostrich Group follows you all the way, from finding a home and moving in (Ostrich Property) to getting help with conveyancing (Ostrich Law) and insuring your new property (Ostrich Insurance).

Ostrich Leisure

Need a holiday accommodation, in the UK or abroad? Find hotels, top deals and more with Ostrich Leisure. We offer UK holidays and specialist holidays. Retired couples, young couples, families, groups of friends, backpackers, lonesome travellers, we all enjoy a good holiday from time to time. Whatever type of tourist you are and whatever type of holiday you're looking for, we probably have it! 

Ostrich Carers

Last but not least, Ostrich Carers tries to give back to the amazing carers who care for us when we can't anymore. The life of a carer can be extremely hard yet rewarding, and we wanted to do something for them. Who will take care of carers? We will! That's why we've created a section where carers can find nationwide discounts and competitions to maybe win that much needed holiday, relax, play games, and much, much more. If you're looking for shopping therapy or simply want to buy gifts, furniture or more items, browse our shopping section, with everything from hobbies and DIY to mobility scooters and musical instruments. Find almost anything in our shopping mall!

With the Ostrich Group, you’ll find everything you need to plan for a better future. And it’s easy. To find the answers to your questions, just click on the destination you’d like to go to.

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