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Good News! You've found Ostrich.

We're independent, unbiased, and free to use. We'll show you all the choices on care, not just those care services with enough money to advertise. With financial products and services, the choice will be yours from our whole of market providers, so you see all the options available; For help on legal matters - well if you don't need a lawyer - let us be the first to tell you. Insurance? We've got ways of keeping you active, from existing illness travel and mobility product cover right up to pets and cars. Need a holiday...we're on it..need to buy a new home...we're on it....and if you are one of the nearly 7 million carers in the UK today, a warm welcome to Ostrich and our special Carers area where you will find valuable nationwide discounts, savings, competitions and games.... So there we are

Ostrich....taking care of life.

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It’s not just finding care that’s important, it’s connecting care.
You can find a care solution right here by town, or need, but should you even have to pay for care?
Would an enhanced annuity, or an equity release help provide for a better lifestyle today and help fund care tomorrow?
Do you need a Power of Attorney, and have you made a will? You’ll probably need insurance, and you’ll definitely need help.

Would mobility products aid continuing independence, and as a Carer, shouldn't you have a few special treats too?That’s why we put all the main needs of starting and planning for care, all together, all in one place, all on Ostrich.
We’re independent so you can be, we’re unbiased, and we’re here for you. If you don’t connect care…what’s the point.

Financial care planning: expert financial advice to fund care
Annuities: get extra income with an annuity
Care Fees Review: Should you be paying for care?
Care and InsuranceGet insured even with a medical condition or insurance in care/nursing homes
Nationwide Physiotherapy services: live better

Legal services: Legal advice: wills, powers of attorney, probate
Mobility Products and services: Remain independent longer
How to organise care: Discover the Care Journey
Ostrich supports: the Purple Angel, Older People's Day...
Ostrich GPS Trackers: Help is always at hand

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Ostrich Law offers just about every type of legal service. If we don't think you need a lawyer, we’ll be the first to tell you.

We'll help you determine if you should be paying care home fees, assist with estate administration, probate, last will & testament, estate planning, family law and provide all the legal help with the sale and purchase of a new home. Ostrich Law will help you with almost any legal issue. Make sure to contact us first!

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Downsizing or Up-scaling should be fun and we're here to help you with both!

When you need to relocate to give or receive care, or simply because you want to move to a great new place, then try us and see what we have on offer.

Having found your new home, if you need any assistance with home insurance, getting a mortgage, finding a solicitor to handle the purchase, or if you need to adapt a property or even need help finding care at home services nearby, then just ask Ostrich Property!

Equity Release. Free funds with an equity release
Get a Mortgage Quote. Ask Ostrich Money!
Adapt a Property. Make your property meet your needs
Contact a solicitor. Need help with conveyancing? Ask Ostrich Law!
Home and Contents Insurance. Need insurance for your property?

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Need financial advice? You've come to the right place. We know how easy it is to put your head in the sand, to worry about the future, even how you plan for the cost of care or have a comfortable retirement. You don't need to worry though as Ostrich Money is designed to give you guidance on all things money, as well as give you access to expert financial advice that's tailored to your individual needs. This covers everything from meeting the costs of care and sorting out your pension, to getting a mortgage and finding out if an equity release or an annuity can be right for you. Our service is even designed to help you deal with someone else's finances with a Power of Attorney.
We hope you find this website useful and if you'd like to speak to a Financial Adviser, you only have to ask and we'll put you in touch.

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Financial Advice Do you need a Financial Adviser?
Financial Planning for care
find out about Care costs & Government funding
Need help getting a mortgage
Compare mortgage quotes
Equity release
Is an Equity Release right for you & your family?
Could an annuity help with care costs?
… Get advice on retirement planning
Dealing with another person’s finances
financial advice for people with a Power of Attorney


Ostrich Insurance is here for all those slightly difficult things. As well as the run of the mill ones. Need to travel, but have an illness? Need a different type of pet insurance as both you, and mans' best friend, the dog, transition into care? (check for care homes that welcome pets in our Ostrich Care area - many do) Need to insure your mementoes in care or your mobile or your laptop on your travels? None of this should be difficult. We really can't make insurance exciting but we can get it done!

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Pet Insurance: Insure your pet at home and in care
Mobility Insurance: keep independent and safe with a mobility insurance
Existing illness Travel Insurance: Get insured for travels even with a medical condition
No upper Age Travel Insurance: Get insured when you travel, no age limit!

In care insurance: get insured in a nursing or care home
Existing illness life insurance: Get insured even with a medical condition
Home & contents Insurance: Insure your Home & belongings




Whether you're enjoying an active retirement, have a young family with a big holiday wish list or just looking for a peaceful get away - we’d love to help with our range of holidays in the UK and abroad.

If you need travel insurance with an existing illness, or are no longer as young as you once were, then Ostrich Insurance should be able to help.

So get browsing, get choosing, get going!   Call us on: 0345 052 3494   Email us:

At Ostrich our goal is to make life easier for carers and people who need care, in particular elderly care. We list, free of charge, all Care Homes and Nursing Homes in the UK so you can choose which one is best for you. If you're looking for Care at home for yourself or a loved one, we also list all care at home providers in the UK. Care homes, nursing homes and care at home providers are invited to enhance their listings, always for free, and to give more detailed information on the services they offer, from the types of medical conditions they care for (like dementia, Alzheimer's, mental health or physical disabilities) to whether they allow pets or organise outings. We are not there to judge so we offer every UK care provider a fair chance to show their facilities and the services they offer their patients. Where available we provide access to CQC reports so you can decide for yourself which care home, nursing home or care at home service is best for you. If you need elderly care Ostrich is the place to go! Research of care homes, nursing homes and home care services is possible by name, postcode, region and county.